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Welcome to The Kingdom of New Rivers Wiki

The Kingdom of New Rivers intends to help individuals become well-rounded, in all aspects of life; and, to promote the creation and actualization of non-political solutions to our common needs.

Estates of The Realm

The Kingdom of new Rivers is divided into three social classes, but, unlike Feudal Europe, has a horizontal power structure where each individual, though perhaps having specialty training, is educated in each of these fields; and thus, may provide any service as is required by their respective communities.

These three aspects should be fully embodied within each single individual.

The Clergy are our Teachers,
The Militia are our Warriors,
The Laborers, our Heart and Soul; our sweat and tears.

Every Man a student and every Man a king!
Three Qneuma espoused in emulation of the Triune God!

Education in these fields is available through our church's College.

The College

The College in The Kingdom of New Rivers is broken into several distinct curricula.

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