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The Syncretic Universalist Nazarene Church

The Kingdom of the New Rivers is, first and foremost, a grassroots organization created with the intention of helping others achieve balance in all aspects of life. Part of that is catering to one's spiritual needs. Although the Kingdom of New Rivers does have a systematic theology, we consider helping individuals develop their skills and personal values more important than religious indoctrination.

Articles of Faith

All is one, eternal, and ever-changing; nothing exists except God.

No religious text, ecstatic vision, or revelation can fully express the truth.

There is one religion, the continual progression toward the ideal, which fulfills the life’s purpose of every soul.

There is one law, the law of reciprocity.

There is one family, the human family, which unites the children of earth indiscriminately in the parenthood of God.

There is one path, annihilation in the Unlimited, raising the mortal to immortality, and in which resides all perfection.


The major phases of any individual mission are
1) personal prep
this is where participating individuals (in whatever voluntary capacity of their choosing) coordinate to strategize efforts; eg, boots on ground? webdev? and volunteer/employment/ownership contracts
2) land procurement
this is mostly coordinating between investors, landowners, and labor contributors involved in the Permaculture community
where boots on the ground meet to build the first cohabitation
3) Dig
begin site prep for farm(if no farm exists on individual property) or prep site for construction of small /market/industrial/barracks
4) Farm
this is where we actual procure seed or stock, and begin to plant. again, were following permaculture techniques, which are battle proven over decades
5) actually building the market/industrial buildings
this follows profitability as #1, if some aspect of the contracts guild has proven to be most profitable, more resources are funneled there until the point of diminishing returns
6) begin indepth structural engineering of arkology
including destruction testing at scale

Purple Mountain Project

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Purple Mountain Project

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