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First Aid

  • Basic Life Support (CPR/AED)
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • First Aid Principles
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Disaster Response and Recovery

Basic First Aid

  Scene assessment and safety
  CPR and AED usage
  Bleeding control
  Wound care and bandaging
  Choking and airway obstruction
  Burns and scalds
  Poisoning and drug overdose
  Environmental emergencies (heat stroke, hypothermia)
  Bites and stings

Intermediate First Aid

  Fracture and dislocation management
  Joint injuries (sprains and strains)
  Head and spinal injuries
  Respiratory emergencies (asthma, anaphylaxis)
  Seizures and convulsions
  Shock and hypovolemia
  Emergency childbirth and newborn resuscitation

Advanced First Aid

  Trauma management
  Triage and mass casualty incidents
  Advanced airway management
  Advanced wound care (sutures, staples)
  Pharmacology and medication administration
  Tactical medicine and field triage

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, and the specific content of each area may vary based on the needs and resources of the community.

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