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  • Supply Chain Management Principles
  • Inventory Management Principles
  • Transportation and Distribution Principles
  • Warehouse Management Principles
  • Procurement and Vendor Management Principles

General Contracting

  Project management
  Estimating and bidding
  Contracts and legal issues
  Risk management
  Quality control
  Safety management
  Change orders and claims
  Closing out a project


  Supply chain management
  Inventory management
  Transportation logistics
  Warehouse management
  Materials handling
  Packaging and labeling
  Reverse logistics

Outfitting of P.P.E and Tools

  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) selection, maintenance, and replacement
  Tool and equipment selection, maintenance, and replacement
  Hazard identification and risk assessment
  Proper use and handling of tools and equipment
  Proper storage and transport of tools and equipment
  Inventory management and tracking of PPE and tools
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